VOLUNTEER PORTAL - loving service

The most challenging and painful times in our lives often present us with the greatest opportunity to awaken and connect to the Universal love that we are all a part of. These are also the periods when we need to feel held, soothed and supported the most. Reiki is a gentle and unobtrusive way in which we can be of service to others during these times - by holding them in love as they walk the rockiest parts of their paths.
In the words of Ram Dass "we are all just walking each other home".

This page is a portal for those wishing to open their hearts and serve - whether that is through Reiki or other healing modalities or spiritual practices. Below are some charities which welcome the voluntary service of holistic practitioners.
If you would like to offer Reiki at your charity or would like your organisation to be featured here please get in touch at hello@eastlondonreiki.com

It is my heartfelt prayer that everybody in society has access to spiritually awakening and healing practices. Thank you for all your time and energy in helping to facilitate this wish! 



Crisis is the UK national charity for homeless people. Together with our Reiki level 2 students and practitioners we host monthly Reiki afternoons for Crisis members at their Shoreditch Skylight Centre. You can contact me for more information on this project.

For other holistic practitioners Crisis organises regular wellbeing events which you might like to get involved with including Crisis at Christmas. More information on volunteering here.

st josephs hospice.jpg


St Joseph's Hospice cares for and supports people affected by serious, life-limiting conditions across East & North East London. They provide such immeasurable and necessary end of life support both to patients and their families. 

St Joseph's offer a wide range of therapies on the wards including reiki, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. To apply to volunteer visit here.

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Namaste is an internationally recognised multi-sensory program which helps to improve the quality of life of East London community members with advanced dementia. It is project which "honours the spirit within" when memory and identity have faded.

In my personal experience Reiki is wonderful to share with people with dementia - I've felt that it helps to bring them home to their spirit for moments at a time and feel safe. To apply to volunteer visit here.