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Firstly I have to say I'm a naturally suspicious soul when anyone claims to have  higher spiritual abilitie, not saying it's not possible but ????
Justine offered to give me Reiki as I was in a lot of pain in my lower back. Honestly I was hesitant because she is a beautiful person and I felt that if it did not work how could I pretend I would be doing us both a disservice.

Anyways cut to the chase, lay down and let Justine do her reiki was so happy when I got up not only did it feel better but I felt lighter on my feet almost danced to the open window and was further amaze as the light outside appeared brighter. Taking a moment to focus I began to chuckle it was like the first time I got glasse for driving I had put them on outside of the opticians and kept lifting them up and down noticing how much sharper shop signs and people where in the distance like magic 'just like that' only now I wasn't wearing any.
The sound was clearer as well, went on to have a magical day it was beautiful, felt like I had received a blessing as I was filled with love.
Can't say it will be the same for everyone only my experience and I wish I had the words to describe how I feel. Thing is it's difficult to describe something that is not from this world.
Justine smiled sweetly and advised me to drink plenty of water that day and the next couple of days, 
Thank you from the heart Justine for being you with your loving way and hands


I approached Reiki as s curious newcomer and was really taken aback by the positive effect of the time spent with Justine. Her focus and professionalism immediately put me at ease and by the end of our first session I felt considerably more energized and relaxed. 


I felt a strong call for having a Reiki session after my 3-month stay in London...I went there, at her house, a modest and cozy space surrounded by a positive atmosphere, and had one incredibly deep session. I felt the energy really flowing through my body and as Justine moved her hands throughout it. The impression I had was that she is really channeled, tuned and grounded. And these, combined with her good intentions and opened heart make her sessions have a strong healing effect. We had another session by distance and it also felt very effective and helpful for my inner development and healing process. I definitely recommend her as a Reiki practitioner and look forward to our next session. 

JOHN - august 2016, LONDON

I have undergone a few Reiki sessions but there is something particularly calming and gracious about Justine's spirit. Welcomed into her home I found the space light and airy and was immediately put at ease by my host. During the session I slipped into a deep, serene meditative state, which lasted almost an hour while Justine worked her gentle magic. Afterwards, as I gradually came to I realised I felt incredibly relaxed. Also, I now had a certain clarity about a dilemma I had been facing. Indeed, this treatment has helped set me on a new path, and I am forever grateful.
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My session with Justine was completely restorative. I didn't know what to expect, but she prepared me thoroughly for what her practice would involve. Having felt very stressed for months, I was surprised that I felt so peaceful and connected to my body for weeks following the session.  I cannot recommend her enough. 


I started Reiki by curiosity, then I wondered if it was going to help with my anxieties and the pain I had in my left leg. To my surprise with each session my leg was getting better and some of my anxieties disappeared. In some sessions I cried and released some heavy unconscious emotions that I was unaware of. I am glad that I had this experience and I will continue to have Reiki sessions in the future to maintain that state of balance. This experience was made pleasant because I had a good connection with Justine since the first session, She made me feel at ease and I was able to relax.
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My reiki session with Justine was lovely, she was very welcoming and I felt comfortable with her immediately. She has a good sense of energy and I felt her focussing on areas of me that she felt needed extra attention. I felt very relaxed and rested afterwards and a lot lighter the next few days. I would highly recommend Justine.


Justine is a sincere and genuine practitioner of Reiki. She is warm, caring and friendly. She channels Reiki energy extremely well and gives every session 100%. Highly recommended!
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The first time I feel like my body, mind and spirit has responded to reiki/healing. I feel uplifted, reenergised and my mojo is back to tackle the world head on. Thank you