We are two Reiki Master Teachers & Practitioners - Justine Nolan & Brighitta Moser-Clark - based in London. Our collaboration began during our Reiki Master Retreat in Glastonbury - we have joined together to teach Reiki in a practical, intuitive and supportive way, aiming to build a community of confident energy-workers in London!

We teach from two main Reiki lineages - the Western and the Japanese - which can both be traced back, unbroken, to the founder of the system, Mikao Usui. We strive to teach Reiki in a pure and authentic manner - drawing on both our personal journeys with Reiki and experiences with clients from both of our Reiki practices. 

Having two co-teachers is such a fantastic benefit to our students as we can provide twice the amount of experience, support and individual guidance. Brighitta & I are truly passionate about bringing Reiki to as many people as possible in a loving and ethical way!  

Read some thoughts / feedback / praise from our students below :)

Brighitta & I at The Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury - Grounding together before our Reiki Master Attunement! 

Brighitta & I at The Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury - Grounding together before our Reiki Master Attunement! 



An excellent course, the perfect mix of theory, practice and personal experience shared by brilliant teachers. The supporting material is also really useful. I left feeling I had not only enjoyed the weekend by also learnt a new life skill, and cannot recommend the course enough for anyone interested in learning about reiki or just having some time for reflection and to recharge. 


Justine and Brighitta's reiki courses are magical. I took level one and two with them and I am so, so glad I picked them as teachers. They are both so knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and patient. There's no question too small. After both courses I felt fully prepared to take the next steps on my reiki (and life!) journey. I can't rate them highly enough.

TALIBAH - octoBER 2017

I enjoyed an amazing weekend at the Reiki level 1 course, beautifully facilitated by Brighitta and Justine. I knew very little about Reiki before attending the weekend but felt drawn to find out about it. It was for me a very magical and nurturing weekend and I am still incorporating the new shifts that are appearing in my life since doing the course. It was great to get the balance of perspectives as they both offer different approaches to Reiki. Looking forward to taking Reiki to the next level with them....Thank you. I would highly recommend this course.

helen - octoBER 2017

I just wanted to say again how grateful I am for this past weekend. I feel truly blessed. I read a quote about Reiki attunement that seemed the perfect metaphor: it’s like getting the Wi-Fi password to the universe’s healing energy. More than that though I feel I have been provided with the user manual for my spirit and I am now operating as designed for the first time. I finally understand my coding and can start functioning as I was meant to. It is the most liberating feeling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my crown
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Absolutely wonderful unique experience. Great master, joyful and such a contagious enthusiasm ! Thank you for my awakening. So patient and kind on teaching and guiding us as practitioners. I can't recommend enough, 5 stars plus #grateful and #blessed
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Thank you very much to you for sharing your wisdom and loving vibrations!
It was a magical weekend spent in sweet company. I feel so much gratitude towards you for putting your faith in me. This has helped me to restore the confidence in myself. I already have people waiting for me to practice Reiki on them and I'm eager to learn more during this journey that I just started. Thank you very much! 
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AINA - JULY 2017

I very much enjoyed this weekend's Course...I'm in love with Reiki 😍  I have felt it flowing much stronger and used it on a work situation which actually worked out brilliantly straight after. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to see what this clearing period has to bring. Thank you to both of you for running a wonderful workshop.
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LIZ - MARCH 2017

Reiki 1 with Justine and Brighitta was an immensely satisfying weekend. Having had a treatment from Brighitta, I knew without doubt that these two knew their stuff and that these were the Ladies for me!
Both teachers bring their individual strengths to the group, teaching from both Western and Eastern Reiki lineages. Acting almost like a wrestling tag team, they kept the spirituality of the practice intact whilst keeping the format of the weekend modern and fresh, comfortable and inclusive.
No question from the ‘mixed ability’ group of twelve was too simple and we were all made to feel welcome to give our input and opinions on any, more in depth, questions and yet somehow the sessions kept to time perfectly. The group as a whole got on well and we were encouraged to mingle and chat over our (very yummy!) lunches and then to keep in touch, which we have done. I was also very pleased, although not at all surprised, to find that the support continues after the course ends, no question too silly!
The two days were filled with compassion and humour as well as plenty of information..I personally wanted to learn Reiki as part of my spiritual awakening and self healing and to hopefully go on to help others and I absolutely came away from the weekend with the tools to do that.  Thank you Ladies..see you at Reiki 2!
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Thank you for a WONDERFUL Level 1 Reiki weekend course.  I went into it not really knowing what Reiki was.  I have come away feeling like I want EVERYONE to experience Reiki.  It makes so much sense (in a spiritual way) and I feel like I am in a much better place in my life than I was only just a few weeks ago. I will definitely go on to do both Level 2 and Masters Levels. Now well into my 40s, this is probably my new vocation in life - I think I might have FINALLY found the path that I have been searching for throughout my entire career. THANK YOU for helping to assist me/us in that in such a straightforward, gentle and loving way.  See you at the Shares!
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