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 The short answer to this is - everything. Reiki helps to heal your life - across physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels…although not always in the way you might have originally expected...

Physical healing - Reiki is a complementary therapy which can be used alongside conventional treatments, activating the body's own innate self-healing capabilities, often with amazing results! For this reason it is also highly effective in aiding recovery from medical procedures.

Healing of the mind and emotions - the influx of energy during a Reiki treatment can loosen and dissolve emotional blockages held in the body and the mind. This can help you to break free from negative patterns and improve your relationship with yourself and others. Reiki is extremely relaxing, naturally relieving anxiety and stress levels.

Spiritual healing - Reiki takes us into a deep meditative state where we can awaken and connect with our higher self. It is here that we can gain clarity on life's issues and a wonderful sense of peace and love. Reiki cleanses the auric field, rebalances the chakras and ultimately, assists us in activating major positive changes in our life!


  • Each Reiki treatment will start with a brief consultation, outlining the areas of your life you would like to work on.

  • I will ask you to take your shoes off and lay on a treatment couch or sit in a chair. You'll remain fully clothed.

  • With your permission, the treatment can be given hands on or hands off - whichever your prefer. Kindly note that a hands off treatment works just as well.

  • A session will last around 50 minutes (or 80 minutes for an extended session).

  • No preparation is required on your part before a Reiki treatment, however, you might like to set an intention for yourself in advance. Comfortable clothes are also advisable.

  • No alcohol consumption before the session or for 24 hours after if possible.


A Reiki session is a uniquely personal experience and even your first treatment may feel very different compared to your second. Listed below are some of the main sensations you may experience: 

  • Warmth, cold, tingling or electrical impulses flowing through your body

  • Colours, memories replayed or visions in your minds eye

  • Emotional releases - you may want to cry or laugh

  • A feeling of heaviness, lightness or an out of body experience

  • You may drift off beyond a deep meditation into a dream-like state or sleep

my services 

Everything within this Universe is energy, vibrating and oscillating at different frequencies - and this includes you! 
When our energy is low we can feel lost, lethargic and disempowered. My aim for our work together is to use both Reiki Energy Healing and Sound Medicine to raise your vibration, connecting you to your innate source of power and peace.

Assisting us in this work are my set of Alchemy Crystal Bowls made from the purest quartz crystal and fused with precious gemstones and metals. Experiencing the vibrations from these singing bowls feels as though you are being bathed in rainbow light. As the harmonic sounds guide you into the deeply healing theta brain wave state you can often feel transformative shifts and blockages clearing within your energy field - a truly magical experience :)

Depending on your preference I offer:
- Reiki + Sound Healing Sessions - where the focus is hands-on energy work
- Sound Healing Sessions - where the focus is on vibrational healing through sound
(these sessions can be 1-on-1 or booked for couples) 

price list - reiki + SOUND HEALING sessions

- BOW / victoria park - E3 -

60 minutes - £70
90 MINUTES - £100

- HACKNEY - E8 -

60 minutes - £80
90 minutes - £110

- absent healing - worldwide -

30 minutes - £30
60 minutes - £60
90 minutes - £85

To book a Reiki + Sound Healing session in Bow or Hackney you can also email -
To read about clients experiences with East London Reiki click here

*in case of long term conditions and financial hardship please contact me and we will try to work something out

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