During Reiki shares Reiki practitioners come together to, well, share Reiki with each other. You can receive Reiki from 3 or 4 people (sometimes more) and then give Reiki to these same 3 or 4 people during the morning - a truly wonderful experience! 

Our aim is to build a Reiki community in East London - shares are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and to receive healing too...

Join us in Hackney, East London for group meditation/affirmation, tea and Reiki of course!
Shares are usually every 4-6 weeks.


Sunday 27 January - 11am - 1pm
* all profits from December share donated to St Joseph’s Hospice

Open to all Certified Reiki Practitioners - all lineages and levels welcome!  
*advance booking as spaces are limited

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St Joseph's Hospice, Mare St, E8 4SA
Cost: £10

Reiki Share held in the Finding Space area @ St Joseph's Hospice

Please register and pay in advance (via Book Now - below) in order for me to prepare the circle :)

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